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SVNYC NGO Services

Swami Vivekananda National Youth Council (SVNYC) is also offering NGO Services in India. Swami Vivekananda National Youth Council (SVNYC) member of NGO Council of India SVNYC provide NGO services partnership with the B. Pramanik & Associates. SVNYC all NGO related services provided by B. Pramanik & Associates. if you need any NGO related advice please contact with B Pramanik NGO Consultancy and give refence SVNYC then you can take free consultantion with their expert NGO Consultant B Pramanik NGO Consultant in India at Dumdum Kolkata .

NGO Services Offered - NGO Consultancy in India

B. Pramanik & Associates - No. 1 NGO Consultancy in India

  • NGO Registration
  • B. Pramanik & Associates provides NGO Registration Services in India, NGO Registration Consultant in Kolkata, B Pramanik offering NGO Registration related NGO Consulting Services in India

  • Trust Registration
  • B. Pramanik & Associates provide Trust Registration Services in India, Public Charitable Trust Registration, Educational Trust Registration Services, Religious Trust Registration Services in Kolkata, Trust Registration Consultancy in West Bengal

  • NCT of Delhi Trust Registration
  • B. Pramanik & Associates is an Delhi based Trust Registration Consultancy in India. They are provide NCT of Delhi Trust Registration Services. having their Trust Registration consultancy office in Kolkata Dumdum or Delhi in India

  • Society Registration
  • B. Pramanik & Associates is a Society Registration Consultant in India. Provide Society Registration Services in all over India specially for West Bengal their have office in Dumdum Kolkata.

  • Club Registration
  • B. Pramanik & Associates is also offering Club Registration Services under Trust Registratiion or Society Registration, West Bengal Club Registration Laywers in Kolkata

  • Association Registration
  • B. Pramanik & Associates is also offering Association Registration, Union Registration and others Registration Services.

  • SHG Registration
  • B. Pramanik & Associates is also offering SHG Formation, Self-Help-Group Registration Consultant in India. Best SHG Registration consultant in Kolkata

  • 12AA & 80G Registration
  • B. Pramanik & Associates is also prvodide 12AA Registration & 80G Registration Services with Income Tax related all services

  • FCRA Registration
  • B. Pramanik & Associates is also FCRA Registration Consultant in India

  • NITI Ayog (NGO Darpan) Registration
  • B. Pramanik & Associates is a NGO Consultant provide online NITI Ayog NGO Darpan Listing Services

  • NCI Registration
  • B. Pramanik & Associates is also offering NGO Council of India (NCI) Registration Services. So, Register your organization from NCI for get benifits global opportunities

  • Project Reports & Fundraising
  • B. Pramanik & Associates is Projects Reports & Fundraising Consultant. Raise funds fromm NGO Council of India with B. Pramanik & Associates

  • NGO ITR & Audit
  • B. Pramanik & Associates provide Taxation Services for the NGO Income Tax Return (ITR) & Audit Reports

  • NGO Website
  • Make your NGO Website from B. Pramanik & Associates. They are provide NGO Website @ very lowest cost and fundraising benifits.

    Contact with them

    B. Pramanik & Associates

    158, Dumdum Road, Kolkata - 700074, West Bengal, India

    Call: +91 9339055647 | 6291316573 | 6289064067

    Email: info@bpramanikassociates.com

    Website: www.bpramanikassociates.com

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